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The main objective of the “New to the Theatre : School Culture Day Scheme” (the Scheme) is to encourage students to visit our performing arts venues, museums and libraries during school hours in the school year to take part in cultural programmes specifically designed for them. It is hoped that through the Scheme, students would be encouraged to cultivate creative minds and regard arts, history and science as part of their learning process and an integral part of everyday life. Apart from stimulating the creative thinking of students, it is hoped that the elements of arts, history and science in these programmes may be integrated into school context and daily life. 


All programmes are conducted in Cantonese except otherwise specified.

Performing Arts Activities:
Since these activities are targeted at students of K.1- S.3, applications in relation to this age group will enjoy higher priority for consideration. (For S.4 - S.6 students, the Leisure and Cultural Services Department encourages them to participate in the 2023/24 "Exploring the Theatre : Arts Experience Scheme for Senior Secondary Students".)

Museum and Visual Arts, Library Activities:
K.1 - S.6 students.

parent Activities marked with this icon welcome parental participation.

Selection Criteria

A quota is set for each activity. If the total number of students enrolling in an activity under the scheme from the applicant schools exceeds the quota, places will be allocated by computer ballot, taking into consideration the following factors:


Priority will be given to applicant schools which have never participated in the scheme.


For applicant schools which have previously participated in the scheme, their order of priority will be determined by factors such as the records of their last participation, including the students’ actual attendance rate and record of cancellation or absence. The allocation of places will then be determined by computer ballot according to their order of priority.



Unless otherwise specified, all programmes are free.

How to apply

The application can be submitted online through this "Art Connect: Arts and Culture Platform for Hong Kong Schools" (click here to sign up). Please do not re-submit the application if it has already been submitted.

Schedule for Application



Mid-May till early June of 2023

◆      Programmes/activities for 2023/24 school year  
          are opened for first round application

Mid- July of 2023

◆      Release of ballot result*

Mid-August till early
September of 2023

◆      Update on additional programme(s)/activity(ies) in September to December
          and open for second round application

Mid-September of 2023

◆      Release of ballot result*

Late November till early
December of 2023

◆      Update on additional programme(s)/activity(ies) in January to March   
          and open for third round application

Late December of 2023

◆      Release of ballot result*

Late February till early
March of 2024

◆      Update on additional programme(s)/activity(ies) in January to March
          and open for fourth round application

Late March of 2024

◆      Release of ballot result*


*Teachers registered for "Art Connect: Arts and Culture Platform for Hong Kong Schools" are able to check for the remaining quotas of programmes/ activities, which are welcome for re-application.  The result will be release in the coming next round, until the quota is full.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When will schools be notified of the results of applications for the School Culture Day Scheme?

Application results are expected to be available within six weeks after the application deadline:

A notification email will prompt the applicant to log in to “Art Connect: Arts and Culture Platform for Hong Kong Schools" to check the results.

2.  What is the “penalty” if a school does not attend a scheduled activity?

The record of attendance by students and the no-show by the school will affect the priority of the school in future applications under the Scheme when the Department conducts computer balloting. The school’s chances of admission will be reduced.

If a school is unable to participate in a scheduled activity due to special circumstances, it must notify us as soon as possible so that we can arrange for another interested school to take its place. If notification of non-availability is received less than one month before the date of the scheduled programme, there will be insufficient time for another school to make the necessary arrangements (letters to the parents, class arrangements, transport, etc) to prepare for the event and will lead to a waste of resources. If a school fails to attend the event without notification or with notification less than 1 month, we will contact the school for clarification of the situation.


Schools located on Hong Kong Island: 2591 1783
Schools located at Kowloon: 2591 1766
Schools located in the New Territories and on outlying Islands: 2591 1738

Programme content and information do not represent the views of the Leisure and Cultural Services Department.

The programme information is for reference only. Selected schools will receive programme updates in due course.
During the period of the scheme, schools will be notified of any additional programmes.