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To enhance audience development and arts education efforts, the Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD) set up the Audience Building Office (AB Office) in early 2000. We aim at promoting knowledge and appreciation of the performing arts at community and school levels through organizing various audience building schemes and arts educational activities in co-operation with arts groups and educational institutions.



As arts play a significant role in enriching human lives, the AB Office has endeavoured to promote the development of culture and arts in order to make our society more harmonious. We aim at raising cultural literacy at school and community levels, making arts a lifelong pursuit especially for the young generation and benefiting the entire community of Hong Kong.




To develop series of arts exposure and education programmes targeted at different sectors of the community, enabling arts and culture to become a part of the daily life of the people of Hong Kong.


To cultivate cultural literacy at school and community levels, with particular emphasis on young people, and foster creativity.


To strive for building up a wider audience base and mobilizing greater community support for arts and culture in Hong Kong.


To provide opportunities for performance and audience building to local artists, including budding and small-scale performing arts groups to support their development and striving for excellence.



School Arts Education

As education is the driving force for human betterment, we pay utmost attention to arts education that makes our society more humane and creative. Arts education programmes including the "School Culture Day Scheme", "Arts Experience Scheme for Senior Secondary Students", "School Performing Arts in Practice Scheme", “Arts on Air" and "General Education in Arts Programme for tertiary students” are organized at the school level. There are also other programmes organized through co-operation with educational institutions.

The Audience Building Office commissioned the Hong Kong Institute of Education in 2010 to conduct a study of four arts education schemes (namely the School Culture Day Scheme, the Arts Experience Scheme for Senior Secondary Students, the Schools Arts Animateur Scheme and the Let’s Enjoy Cantonese Opera in Bamboo Theatre project) to review their effectiveness. Please click here for the executive summary of the study.


Community Audience Building

To raise the standard of cultural literacy of the public, we have devised a long-term strategy composing series of audience building activities targeted at different sectors of the community. We organize arts promotion activities including the "Community Cultural Ambassador Scheme", as well as other audience building programmes through partnership with other government departments and non-government cultural organizations.


Enhancing the Cultural Role of Small and Medium-sized Arts Groups

We endeavour to support local small and medium-sized performing arts groups in striving for excellence. Through the various arts education programmes and community activities, these groups are offered more opportunities for public performance so as to widen their audience base and further develop their creative skills and talents.

Programme Proposal

The AB Office welcomes proposals for collaboration in audience building activities with cultural organizations and educational institutions.
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Programme and Development Committee (PDC) / Art Form Sub-committees (AFSCs)

Upon the recommendation of The Committee on Performing Arts, a Programme and Development Committee (PDC) supported by six Art Form Sub-committees (AFSCs) was established. The Programme and Development Committee (PDC) and Art Form Sub-committees (AFSCs) are tasked to advise LCSD on the strategies of performing arts programmes (locals, Mainland and overseas), formulate structured and sustainable strategies in identifying and supporting the development of budding and small-scale performing arts groups.


Volunteer Services

To promote culture and arts, the AB Office welcomes arts enthusiasts to join us as volunteers in our activities. Members of the public who are interested in the volunteer services are welcome to contact us.

Financial Figures and Attendance for 2022-23

Expenditure (HK$) Revenue (HK$) Attendance
Salaries: $10,609,098.53
Operating and Programme Costs: $28,325,280.10
$9,720 114,163
Total: $38,934,378.63


Audience Building Office


Tel: 2591 1300
Fax: 2591 1160
Address: 11/F., Queen Elizabeth Stadium, 18 Oi Kwan Road, Wan Chai
Office Hours:

8:45 am to 1:00 pm

2:00 pm to 6:00pm

From Monday to Friday (except public holidays)


If you have any general views on our programmes, please write to us by email: abo@lcsd.gov.hk or by fax: (852) 2591 1160.