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Community Cultural Ambassador Scheme

The Audience Building Office is dedicated to promoting arts, making arts a part of everyday life for the people of Hong Kong.  The Community Cultural Ambassador Scheme was launched since 1999.  Every year, local performing arts practitioners/ groups are invited through an open invitation exercise to act as Cultural Ambassadors to conduct a wide range of outreach activities that are both educational and fun at various indoor and outdoor venues, including public spaces in the community.  Activities include lecture demonstrations, workshops, exhibitions and performances.  The aim is to develop an interest in the performing arts among the general public or specific community groups, enrich artistic experience and appreciation, and promote the development of community arts.  Also, it encourages local performing arts practitioners/ groups to make contact with the community so as to widen their audience base and further develop their creative skills and talents.  149 performing arts practitioners/ groups have been selected as Cultural Ambassadors since the Scheme was launched.