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New to the Theatre : School Culture Day Scheme

The Leisure and Cultural Services Department has implemented the School Culture Day Scheme (the Scheme) for two decades since the 2001/02 school year, offering various arts and cultural activities to participating schools throughout the years. The Scheme has been warmly received by teachers, students and parents alike with a participation of over 1 120 schools and a cumulative attendance over 1.88 million. In the 2020/21 school year, we will sustain our momentum in organising a broad range of activities at performance venues, museums and libraries, so as to create for students diverse arts experiences outside the classroom. As motivated by the unwavering support and recognition from participating schools, while well-received activities will remain on offer, new elements will be injected to the contents and forms of the programmes to foster among the participants a deeper understanding of culture and the arts.

On performing arts, activities on Chinese opera, dance, music, theatre, multi-arts, etc. will be organised for students at different levels. In addition to specially-designed new activities and popular re-runs, the Scheme will feature quality programmes produced by arts groups joining for the first time. Moreover, museums and libraries will roll out various original and colourful activities through which students may learn above and beyond their textbooks, expanding their horizons for self-cultivation. Meanwhile, arts accessibility service will also be available to special schools for selected programmes to encourage participation and promote inclusive arts practice. In the 2020/21 school year, we will continue launching delightful programmes tailor-made for kindergarteners to foster an interest in the arts and culture from a young age. Invitations will be sent to kindergartens separately. In addition, as an enhanced initiative, we are inviting online applications this year. For details, please visit here.

The Scheme will offer about 540 sessions of activities in engaging forms with interesting contents this year, over 90% of which are admission-free. All local schools, especially those new to the Scheme, are cordially invited to sign up. Let’s open more doors for students to enjoy the arts, history and science outside the classroom!

Acknowledgement: The School Culture Day Scheme is supported by the Education Bureau.