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Taking Centre Stage : School Performing Arts in Practice Scheme

Developing Potentials through Arts Practice

The annual School Performing Arts in Practice Scheme organised by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department engages arts groups in bringing different art forms into schools, providing opportunities for students to watch performances, attend workshops and participate in finale performances.  Participating students can develop artistic sense, aesthetics and creative thinking, and will be able to integrate the arts into their daily lives after engaging in training and learning.

Every year, we launch various school performing arts projects on art forms ranging from Cantonese opera, drama, puppetry to music and dance.  After taking part in a series of experiencing and training activities, participating students will take centre stage at last in the finale performance to showcase what they have learnt.  Thanks to the tremendous support from schools, parents and students, over 680 schools have participated in the scheme with a cumulative attendance of over 1 million since its inception.  We look forward to your continued participation this year.  Let’s help students develop their potentials and build a sense of self-worth as they grow with the arts. 

*  Acknowledgement: ‘Taking Centre Stage: School Performing Arts in Practice Scheme’ is supported by the Education Bureau.