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The "Community Oral History Theatre Project – Kowloon City District" is co-organised by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department, Chung Ying Theatre Company, Yan Chai Hospital Ng Wong Yee Man Neighbourhood Elderly Centre and Caritas Elderly Centre - Sai Kung. Through organising a series of workshops, the project aims at providing drama training to the elderly in Kowloon City District, gathering their personal experiences and valuable recollections to come up with a drama script, and providing an opportunity for the elderly to re-enact their stories on stage. The project is implemented in five phases:

Phase Date Details
Phase 1 December 2019 – February 2020 The participant recruitment period. Senior citizens and the general public are invited to watch the oral history theatre demonstration performance Sai Kung, Therefore I Live and attend a sharing session. Senior citizens from Kowloon City District are recruited on site to join the project.
Phase 2 October 2020 – May 2021 The drama training period. Elderly participants of Kowloon City District will be given training in drama.
Phase 3 June – September 2021 The script formation period. Instructors will lead the elderly participants of Kowloon City District to recall the ties between their own experiences and the community, assemble their own life experiences, and compile them into a script.
Phase 4 October 2021 – May 2022 The exchange and rehearsal period. In-depth exchanges and rehearsals will be arranged for the elderly participants of Kowloon City District. They will perform in one outreach performance and two finale public performances.
Phase 5 June – September 2022  The publication period. Publication of an oral history book of Kowloon CityDistrict will be produced.

Except the tickets of finale public performances in phase 4, the various activities of the project are all free of charge.


Demonstration Performance and Sharing Session

Oral History Theatre Demonstration Performance and Sharing Session (In Cantonese)

In 2018, the LCSD, Chung Ying Theatre Company, Caritas Elderly Centre - Sai Kung and the Neighbourhood Advice-Action Council co-operated to arrange in Sai Kung District a project titled "Community Oral History Theatre Project –Sai Kung District". 16 elderly participants were recruited and provided with drama training. Their experience in Sai Kung District was collected and compiled into Sai Kung, Therefore I Live. In this event, the elderly actors from Sai Kung District have been invited to perform an excerpt in Kowloon City District. This offers the senior citizens of Kowloon City District a taste of oral history theatre, encouraging them to participate in "Community Oral History Theatre Project – Kowloon City District".


Performance Date and Venue




15 January 2020 (Wed)


Hung Hom Community Hall (UG/F & 1/F, Kowloon City Government Offices, 42 Bailey Street, Hung Hom, Kowloon)

Free admission by tickets*
Running time of this performance is about 1 hour without intermission. Audiences are strongly advised to arrive punctually. No latecomers will be admitted until a suitable break in the programme.


Personnel and Cast

Playwright/ Director/ Drama Tutor: Michael Ip


Kitty Kong


Elderly participants from Sai Kung District



In the eyes of many, Sai Kung is synonymous to seafood, boat parties or the backyard of Hong Kong. Elderly Sai Kung residents, however, see the place quite differently. As locals, their peaceful, day-to-day activities would include morning workouts, dim sum meals, shopping at the wet market, card games and the like. They are living in Sai Kung for different reasons. Some are retiring here, while others have never left since they were born. No matter what their backgrounds or states of mind are, the land of Sai Kung is integral to their lives. Let these Sai Kung locals tell us about their past in Sai Kung.


Application Method

For elderly who are interested in participating in “Community Oral History Theatre Project – Kowloon City District”, please complete and return the application form on site after the theatre performance of Sai Kung, Therefore I Live. If the number of applicants enrolling in this project exceeds the quota, an audition will be arranged to select suitable candidates.

The application form can be downloaded here. (Chinese version only)

Application deadline: 14 February 2020 (Fri) 6pm


Admission Ticket Distribution Arrangement

*Free tickets will be distributed from 16 Dec 2019 onwards at the following locations. There is a limit of four tickets per person. First come, first served, while tickets last. Free seating.

1. Yan Chai Hospital Ng Wong Yee Man Neighbourhood Elderly Centre 55 Hau Wong Road, Kowloon City
2. Caritas Elderly Centre - Sai Kung 69-75 Man Nin Street, Sai Kung, New Territories
3. Home Affairs Department Kowloon City Public Enquiry Service Center LG/F, Kowloon City GovernmentOffices, 42 Bailey Street, Hung Hom, Kowloon
4. Enquiry Counter, Ko Shan Theater 77, Ko Shan Road, Hung Hom
5. Enquiry Counter, Hong Kong Cultural Centre G/F, 10 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon
6. Enquiry Counter, Hong Kong City Hall Low Block G/F, 5 Edinburgh Place, Central, Hong Kong


Programme Enquiries

2591 1300 (LCSD)
8106 8336 (Chung Ying Theatre Company)
2718 8331 (Yan Chai Hospital Ng Wong Yee Man Neighbourhood Elderly Centre)
2792 6205 (Caritas Elderly Centre - Sai Kung)

The content and information of this programme do not represent the views of the organisers.
The organisers reserve the right to change the programme and substitute artists should unavoidable circumstances make it necessary.

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