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Cinderella Creative Ballet in Practice Project

 Event Schedule


Event Schedule

Cinderella Creative Ballet in Practice Project(Completed)

Hong Kong Ballet

Trailer of the project

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Highlights and Objectives

  • Eight-month creative training project in ballet
  • Suitable for primary students with an interest in ballet
  • Project includes an introduction session, basic training in ballet, behind-the-scenes and costume workshops, ballet appreciation activities, visits to dance rehearsal or class, and a finale performance cum sharing session
  • Participating students will take part in the production and performance of a ballet story on campus


The exciting educational programme aims to cultivate students’ interest in ballet. Through an interactive series of ballet training and innovative behind-the-scenes Cinderella-themed workshops, participants will have opportunities to improve their dance technique, exercise creative thinking and enrich their performing experiences. With the magical help of her fairy godmother and a glittering transformation, the kind and beautiful Cinderella thwarts her two scheming stepsisters to attend a grand ball where she meets her true love – the prince himself!

As participants experience Cinderella, they will learn how to effectively use body language to express genuine emotions in performance as well as create magic with set design and props. Whether onstage or behind the scenes, students can be a part of creating and performing a mini ballet drama of this classic happily ever after fairytale for their school’s teachers, students and parents during the much-anticipated Finale Performance.


The project will run for 8 months in three phases. Schools can choose one of the programme schedule:
Period 1: September 2020 to April 2021
Period 2: October 2020 to May 2021

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Phase 1:

In-school Creative Ballet Programme Introduction Session

September 2020

Hong Kong Ballet’s Education and Community Outreach Department will hold a promotional briefing session about ballet in the school hall to assist the school with recruitment. The briefing session includes an introduction to the project, an overview of the theme, an interactive session and a video excerpt with accompanying explanation to deepen students’ knowledge of ballet and their understanding of the theme of this project.

Phase 2:

Creative Ballet Workshop (20 sessions)

September 2020 to April 2021


October 2020 to May 2021

Ballet, costumes and stage technology instructors will guide the participants towards an all-round understanding of ballet. Students will learn to express emotion through body movements, make props on their own and decorate costumes with parents, explore their unlimited creativity and unleash their hidden potential, whilst to enhance parent-child relationship.

Dance Workshop (17 sessions)

In dance sessions, students will learn basic ballet skills through creative and interactive games. They will play different characters from Cinderella in order to explore the possibilities of body movement and to practise the expressive skills of body language.

Behind-the-scenes (1 session) & Costume Workshop (1 regular session, 1 parent-child session)

After understanding the personality of each character in Cinderella, the students will be able to brainstorm together and unleash their creativity to decorate costumes and build unique props and scenery during the behind-the-scenes and costume sessions. Their creative work will then be part of the finale performance on stage.

It is suggested that dance sessions should be held in the school’s dance room or activity room and behind-the-scenes and costume sessions can be held in the art room.

Phase 3:


In-school Finale Performance cum Sharing Session (1 session)

April to May 2021 (within the period chosen by the school)

Rehearsal of Finale Performance and Costume Fitting

Schools are required to set aside a day to allow students who completed the workshops and participated in the costume and props production to try on the costumes and accessories to rehearse for the finale performance. Rehearsals will be held in the school hall.

In-school Finale Performance cum Sharing Session

Students will be able to use the dance and acting skills that they learned during the series of workshops and rehearsals to perform the exciting story Cinderella in the school hall, as a finale performance. After the performance, students, parents, instructors and teachers will share their experience and comments about their participation in the programme. At this time, students whose attendance rate is 80% or above will receive a certificate.

Extension Activities:

1. Ballet Appreciation - Ballet Classics for Children: Cinderella

Session 1:

29 January 2021 (Fri)

2:30-3:30 pm

Session 2:

3 February 2021 (Wed)

2:00-3:00 pm

(Schools can choose to enjoy one of the sessions)

Hong Kong Ballet will perform an interactive version of the popular fairytale Cinderella to enrich students’ knowledge of the performing arts and to encourage creativity and the power of imagination. Combining classical music and graceful physical movements, ‘Ballet Classics for Children: Cinderella’ presents a timeless rags to riches story with entertaining interactive elements to inspire the next generation of ballet audiences.


The Box, Freespace, West Kowloon Cultural District

Participation quota per school is 130.

The Company retains the right to amend the dates and content of the programme.

Any amendment of the dates or the content of the programme is subject to further notice.

2. Studio Visit

(Exact date by agreement)

Hong Kong Ballet will arrange for participating students to visit the studio and watch the dancers rehearsing or taking a class. Through these visits, students will learn about ballet technique and enhance their ability to appreciate ballet.

Project Details
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No. of Participating Schools6 primary schools
Target StudentsPrimary 1 to 6
No. of Participants20 - 26 students/school
Experience requiredNo Limitation, interested in Ballet ☆
Course Schedule1 or 2 session(s)/week
No. of Sessions17 dance workshops: 1.5 hours/session 1 behind-the-scenes Workshop: 2 hours/session 2 costume workshops: 1.5 hours/session (1 regular session, 1 parent-child session)
Fees Payable*#$400/student

* Student participating in the finale performance will be required to pay an additional $260 for the costume.

# Fees are on a per head basis. All fees paid are non-refundable.


Application Guideline Or Download Application Form (Chinese Version only)


Project: 2105 9743 (Hong Kong Ballet Education & Community Outreach Department)
General: 2591 1722 (LCSD)