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Online Teaching Kit: Unlocking the Secrets of Film Stills

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Event Schedule

M03r | Online Teaching Kit: Unlocking the Secrets of Film Stillsparent

Good photography captures the moment, while good film stills capture the soul of films. What more can be found in a film still other than the actors’ emotions and the scenes’ ambiance? How does an artist include the whole film in a still image?

This online teaching kit is specially designed by the Hong Kong Film Archive for secondary schools to illustrate progressively how films and stills are connected and explore techniques creating different effects and sensations. By learning the principles of photography, students can become more observant. They can also develop a better aesthetic sense and the ability to think deeper and express themselves using visual language.


January to July 2024


In participating schools


Arranged by participating schools


S.1 - S.6 Students


1 hour


Conducted in Cantonese