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Online Teaching Kit: Storyboarding Made Easy

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Event Schedule

M03q | Online Teaching Kit: Storyboarding Made Easyparent

A screenplay is the soul of a film, and the use of story images to illustrate the structure of the storyboards plays a pivotal role in the production of films. A film storyboard serves as the blueprint of a film's production. It includes the camera angle, movements, characters’ dialogue and actions, and other shooting instructions that guide different crew members.

In order to reveal the secrets of storyboarding, the Hong Kong Film Archive has designed a set of teaching kit targeted to provide primary and secondary schools with an introduction to visual narrative and relevant skills, nurturing students’ creativity through drawing. By Learning about films, and the structure and form of a storyboard, students are able to cultivate thinking and organisation skills in visual images, as well as their reading and writing skills.


January to July 2024


In participating schools


Arranged by participating schools


P.5 - S.6 Students


1 hour


Conducted in Cantonese