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Online Teaching Kit: Guide to Film Appreciation—Special Effects

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Event Schedule

M03p | Online Teaching Kit: Guide to Film Appreciation—Special Effectsparent

There are many ways to appreciate a film. If we are only drawn to the plot and the stars and overlook the special visual and audio effects, it will be a great pity.

Recently, we witnessed Warriors of Future (2022), which features a great number of computer-generated scenes, once rose to the top of the domestic box office charts. The development of special effects in Hong Kong cinema can in fact be traced back to the early 20th century – a time when computer technology had not been invented. How did filmmakers back then create believable illusions with manual methods? And how did the special effects industry progress towards international standard status? This set of teaching kit provides students with knowledge about special effects in films. Watching movies just became more fun!


September 2023 to July 2024


In participating schools


Arranged by participating schools


P.4 - S.6 Students


1 hour


Conducted in Cantonese