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Tour of the Universe

 Event Schedule


Event Schedule

M11 | Tour of the Universe

The programme comprises of two parts:

Part 1: Space Theatre Programme - Cosmix

We need to get into a rocket to explore the vast Universe. How do rockets fly? How do humans solve the basic needs of clothing, food, housing and transportation in space? This part will feature an interesting dome show with interactive quiz games to let students understand the challenges and interesting aspects of living in space.

Part 2: Group Activities

Students will be divided into groups. Guided by instructors, they will visit the Hall of the Cosmos, Hall of Space Exploration, or enjoy interesting demonstration of space science. These activities will deepen their understanding of astronomy and space science, and prepare them for the journey to the Universe!

19.10 | 16.11 | 7.12.2023 (Thu)
20.10 | 17.11 | 8.12.2023 (Fri)
18.1 | 22.2 | 14.3 | 11.4 | 9.5 | 27.6.2024 (Thu)
19.1 | 23.2 | 15.3 | 12.4 | 10.5 | 28.6.2024 (Fri)
Hong Kong Space Museum
10:00am - 12:00nn
P.4 - P.6 students
2 hours
Capacity per performance


Conducted in Cantonese


Each session of the programme can cater 3 groups of students, with a maximum of 60 students in each group. The staff of Hong Kong Space Museum will contact the participating schools to arrange the activities nearer the time.