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Exploring Hong Kong Central Library

 Event Schedule


Event Schedule

L01a | Exploring Hong Kong Central Library

Together with the introduction of innovative computer facilities and e-Resources, children can learn happily and nurture good reading habit with paired reading.  It is also a good place for self-learning, seeking information and reading for leisure.  Join the "Explore Hong Kong Central Library" tour to discover more about this information hub.

The types of activities will vary according to the students’ academic level.  The programme comprises the following:

  1. Quest for secrets: Guided tour and briefing in the "Back Office" of the library, to explore its "secrets".
  2. Library at Your Fingertips: Demonstrations of online library services and e-Resources.
  3. Little Librarians Competition: Quizzes on library services and facilities, skills for searching for library materials, etc., and students’ sharing regarding their dream libraries.
  4. Inspiration from Books: Self-learning time for students, to utilise the rich collection in different disciplines.
  5. Reading Fun: Interesting reading activities, including Storytelling Session or Thematic Workshop, to let the students enhance themselves in a joyful environment.