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Human + Machine NOW - Hybrid Art Research Project

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Phase 1: Talk


A public experience sharing and discussion with the public on the relevant topics going from research to the development of arts and technology with artists, academicians and curators from different sectors

Conducted in Cantonese
Free of charge and available on first-come,first-served basis

Registration for talk : http://bit.ly/3enRPLG


Session 1: Body and identity constructed with stage technology

Content: Displaying our body on the stage is also displaying the character, background or culture of an identity. How do stage or costume designs affect the display of the body on the stage? Can we find out any additional information other than the script with stage technologies? 
  • A body is but an object on the stage. When the term "body" is used to describe "someone's body", it includes the identity of this person (or this role). How does technology help the body to construct the role on the stage?
  • Must an identity be constructed through a body? Can it be done using merely stage technologies?
  • Will one day machines replace humans? Under what condition would machines or artificial intelligence replace humans?
Host: GayBird LEUNG (Composer/Media Artist)
  • Ata WONG (Director/Choreographer/Drama instructor),
  • Yuri NG (CCDC Artistic Director),
  • Dick WONG (Dance & Theatre Maker)
Date and time: 19 March 2021 7:30pm
Venue: Cheng Yu Tung Building (LT1A), Chinese University of Hong Kong


Session 2: Mixed art and performance

Content: In order to enhance concert experience to attract audiences, many of the modern performances have incorporated other media into the original format. How should fuse together the various art forms becomes an important discussion. 
  • Does incorporating new media in the original art form enhance or weaken the experience of the audience? 
  • The era of messaging is changing the way we receive messages as we are constantly shifting tasks. Our concentration falls when we are trying to focus on too many tasks. With the incorporation of new media, does it influence how we as an audience comprehend the artwork? 
  • If the aim of the incorporation of new media is to attract new audiences, would we lose old audiences with the new format? 
  • GayBird LEUNG (Composer/Media artist),
  • Ata WONG (Director/Choreographer/Drama instructor) 
  • LOW Kee Hong (Head of Theatre, Performing Arts, West Kowloon Cultural District)
Date and time: 20 March 2021 (Sat) 3pm
Venue: Ko Shan Theatre New Wing Function Room


Session 3: Actual v. virtual on the screen

Content: Research has shown that children spending too much time on screen causes them to lose interest in reality as the real world lacks the richness of colours from the screen. Excessive time spent on a screen also causes children to lose the ability making judgement in the three dimensional world. As we spend more and more time on the screen, can we still tell reality from the virtual world? 
  • Is what is shown on the screen real or virtual? Does this have to do with the length of time we spend on the screen? 
  • Do on-demand experience or curated experience place us further or closer to the reality? 
  • IP Yuk-yiu (Associate Professor, School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong),
  • HUNG Keung (New & Digital media artist),
  • GayBird LEUNG (Composer/media artist)
Date and time: 23 March 2021 (Tue) 7:30pm
Venue: Ko Shan Theatre New Wing Function Room

Session 4: The musical sense of the machine*

Content: Machines play an important role in modern and new media art. They assist the creation of artists and are themselves part of the art. There are sound artists who design machines in order to seek inspiration from there. 
  • Derivative art is an art practice, which contains randomness, realized through a machine using a set of language, rules or procedures designed by an artist. How are artworks influenced when the production of them incorporate machines in the decision-making process? What are the roles for artists and composers in derivative art?
  • Will one day machines replace humans? Under what condition would machines or artificial intelligence replace humans?
  • Does musical sense exist in machines? Is it different from that of a human?
  • LEUNG Chi-hin (Assistant Professor, Department of Cultural and Creative Arts),
  • Fiona LEE (Sound artist),
  • Vanissa LAW (Composer/Media artist) 
Date and time: 24 March 2021 (Wed) 7:30pm
Venue: Hong Kong Baptist University Shaw Campus David C. Lam Building 6/F Room 605
*Open only for students of the Hong Kong Baptist University


Phase 2: Workshop


Students, artists, designers and members of the public who have shown interest will be recruited online and through various channels following the first phase with the aim of bringing together performers, designers, scientists, artists from different sectors to create together. The programme has three workshops with different topics. Thirty people will be recruited from each of the workshops.  The workshops are designed to stimulate creativity of the participants using exposure, knowledge and areas of arts. At the end of the programme, participants will partake in a performance in the final stage according to their creation, preference and method in groups or individually at the same time. 

Application Deadline:  24 March 2021
Fee: HK$800 per head (50% off for students and people with disabilities. Fee waived for those with financial difficulties.) 

Application for workshops (with fee):http://bit.ly/2ZHBwko 


Workshop 1

Topic: Media, art and experiment
Instructing artist: Vanissa LAW
No. of sessions: 8
Dates, time and venue: 10, 17 and 24 April 2021 (Sat) 7pm -9:30pm
Hong Kong Cultural Centre GR1
Dates, time and venue:

and venue:

11, 18 and 25 April, and 2, 9 May 2021 (Sun) 2:30pm-5pm
Ko Shan Theatre New Wing Rehearsal Room (1) 


Workshop 2

Topic: Electronic principles, production of polygraph and electronic devices
Instructing artist: Cat FUNG
No. of sessions: 8 (with 2 classes)

Dates, time:

16, 23, 301 May, and 6, 13, 20 June 2021 (Sun)
1:30pm-3:30pm (Class 1), 3:30pm-5:30pm (Class 2);
6:30pm-8pm (Class 1), 8pm-9:30pm (Class 2)
27 June 2021 (Sun)
1:30pm-3:30pm and 3:30pm-5:30pm (Class 1);
6:30pm-8pm and 8pm-9:30pm (Class 2)
Venue: Ko Shan Theatre New Wing Function Room & Rehearsal Room (1)



Topic: Body and spaces
Instructing artist: Ata WONG
No. of sessions:

Dates, time :

3 and 10 July 2021 (Sat)
4 and 11 July 2021 (Sun)
10am-12nn and 1pm-3pm
Venue: Ko Shan Theatre New Wing Function Room

Phase 3: Rehearsal cum Technical Test


The instructing artists will regroup and put together different units creating the elements for the final performance following the workshops in Phase 2. Phase 3 sets to finetune the different elements.  Intensive rehearsals will take place in the last two weeks in order to put together a unique performance. 


Rehearsal and technical experiment

Instructing artists:

GayBird LEUNG, Vanissa LAW, Ata WONG, Cat FUNG and other artists 


All performers, designers and curators 


Phase 4: Finale Performance : City of 0


A seemingly fictional city with story plots we all know: its structure built by bodies, its outline carved by devices, and its sound turning into language just like a machine running non-stop until its demise.

After lectures, workshops and technical experiments in three stages, GayBird, Ata Wong, Vanissa Law and Fung Wing-lam, aided by their fellow creators, lead project participants in forging a performance uniquely its own: a multifaceted exhibition, with installations covering drama, movements, devices, sound, image, computer programmes and more, resembles a flea market as well as a city; separate units, once streamed on a mega-sized screen, meld into an organic whole. Plus interactive performances by actors the experience ignites your senses in ways unimagined before!

Date and time:

6 and 7 November 2021 (Sat - Sun)

2pm - 4pm         Exhibition

4pm - 6pm         Exhibition X Interactive Performance

6pm                      Finale Performance


*Free activity

Admission will be on a first come, first servd basis, and the temporary crowd control measures will be arranged when there are large number of participants. Participants are urged to follow the instructions of the staff on site.

Programme Details: http://rfhk.org.hk/index.php/events/exhibition

Phase 5: Documentary

A documentary film will be produced and published online following a year of research, production, experiment and performance.

Please click here for viewing the Documentary film.

Machine & Art NOW Ltd.


“Machine & Art NOW Ltd.” is a newly founded art organization by composer GayBird. Its objective is to research and conceive creation using technology, art and science while promoting the cultural sector of Hong Kong with the help of technology and media art. We hope to bring together designers, artists and curators who are talented in technology, media art and science through different activities and curation in order to further the possibility of art research and development through innovation.



Programmes Enquiries:

2811 8766 (Machine & Art NOW Ltd.)




The presenter reserves the right to substitute tutors, speakers and performers and change the programme should unavoidable circumstances make it necessary. Programme content does not represent the views of Leisure and Cultural Services Department.