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Discovering Musicals by Actors' Family


The programme aims to target tertiary students, to engage the participants in developing the ability of establishing themes, learning techniques of creative works, performance skills and production processes, etc. of musical theatre production through a series of talks, workshops, camp and showcase, rehearsals and finale performances.  This is to nurture the participants for interests in this art form, enhance their appreciation abilities, and foster the sense of social belongings.



From October 2023 to November 2024

The project is implemented in four phases:




Phase 1:

Promotion and Recruitment


October to November 2023


Musical Screening and Talk(6 talks)

The talks will be held as sharing sessions to promote Cantonese original musicals.

Phase 2:

Creative Works






January to March 2024


Musical Writing Workshop(9 sessions)

Covering the topics such as introduction to musical theatre, theme exploration, script analysis and appreciation, composition techniques and Cantonese lyric writing skills.

Musical@School (Open Seminar)(3 seminars)

Local artists are invited to share their experiences and exchange ideas with tertiary students.

Musical Writing Camp & Showcase(2 days 1 night)

Participants will create their works in group and showcase their achievements at the Po Leung Kuk Pak Tam Chung Holiday Camp.  They will also collaborate to brainstorm suitable themes for the finale performance.


April to June 2024

Musical Creation for Finale Performance

Phase 3:

Large-Scale Musical Theatre Production


June to September 2024


Musical Performance Workshop(8 sessions)

The workshops will include script analysis, training on acting, singing and dance, etc.

Musical Scenography Workshop(3 sessions)

The workshops will encompass stage and costume design, sound design and lighting design.

Rehearsal and Technical Training

Rehearsals and technical training will cover theatre knowledge and stage management.

Finale Performance(3 performances)

The participants will act as different roles on stage or behind the scenes in finale performances to present their production after training. 

Phase 4:



November 2024



The entire programme, including the participants' learning journey and their experiences throughout the year, will be documented through short films that will be shared online.


Details of the Project

Please refer to the website of Actors’ Family. 


Production Team

Project Curator/ Producer: Mandy YIU

Tutor: Cynthia WONG, HUI Chun-pong, Serena TONG, Melodee MAK, Angela LAM


About the Group

Actors’ Family is established in 1991 by graduates of the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts.  As Hong Kong’s leading musical theatre company, it is committed to produce quality original Cantonese musicals, fostering local theatre development and enriching cultural lives in the city.  Actors’ Family strives to produce musicals that reflect daily lives with the aim to engage audiences and promote theatre arts.  In recent years, Actors’ Family has organised the Musical Writing Incubator Scheme so as to build a sustainable platform to support new works from creation, preview to public staging.

Over the years, Actors’ Family has created and adapted various musical productions, many of which received nominations and awards at the Hong Kong Drama Awards.   Actors’ Family also conducts overseas touring musical productions beyond Hong Kong, facilitating genuine cultural exchange and promoting Hong Kong original musicals.



Actors’ Family

Tel: 9109 2124

Email: af1941.enquiry@gmail.com


The presenter reserves the right to change the programmes or substitute tutors, speakers and performers should unavoidable circumstances make it necessary.  The content of the programme does not represent the views of the Leisure and Cultural Services Department.