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The themes of this year's radio drama are the two items of the intangible cultural heritage of Hong Kong - puppetry and lion dance, as well as the Hong Kong local distinctive transportation - tram.  It hopes to lead students to create their radio dramas through "personal contact" and music, at the same time to build and cultivate their awareness and interest in different kinds of arts and culture. 


The project includes:


A new series of Arts on Air Radio Drama consisting of 3 episodes which are inspired by puppetry, lion dance and tram, coupled with guided appreciation materials and extension activities;




Creative workshops designed for students and teachers;


Co-creation of 3 episodes of radio drama by students, teachers, and the arts group; and


Provision of all episodes of Arts on Air Radio Drama with teaching support for participating schools and teachers on the e-platform. 

The programmes are free for all primary schools to join!

Message from Ms Lily Poon, programme planner of Arts On Air and Artistic Director of Fong Fong Projet d'Art

Programme Activities

1. Arts On Air Radio Drama

In addition to the existing 28 episodes of Radio Drama with various themes, 3 original episodes of Arts on Air Radio Drama themed with puppetry, lion dance and tram will be released in October.  The 3 radio dramas will also be used as a lead-in in the upcoming workshops, to lead teachers and students in creating the sequel to the 3 original episodes.  Teachers can freely access these radio drama episodes, guided appreciation materials and extension activities on "Art Connect: Arts and Culture Platform for Hong Kong Schools".


2. Audition

Teachers are invited together with their P.1 to P.4 students to participate in the audition. Selected students and teachers will work together with Fong Fong Projet d'Art to create radio dramas after the participation of workshops.  Interested students can form groups of 1 to 2 and record an Arts On Air Radio Drama script rewritten by the arts group. Their schools can then submit the online application form and the voice file accordingly.

The drama scripts can be downloaded here and submit the application form here.

Selected groups will be informed by Fong Fong Projet d'Art in mid-December. 

Deadline of application: 17/11/2023


3. Workshops 

Different practical workshops will be organised by the arts group for teachers and students.  The contents of the workshops include: creation of radio drama, tone practice, listening and communication as well as sound effect creation, allowing participants to engage in different aspects of artistic creation.  All recording will be conducted in professional recording studios.  The teacher-and-student groups selected from the audition will be invited to join the workshops. 


Radio drama creation & production workshop (for teachers)


Participants are able to learn basic scriptwriting skills, as well as knowledge of radio drama production.  Professional tutors will guide teachers to create scripts for the 3 episodes of radio drama by using the 3 original songs from the original radio dramas.



12/1/2024 and 23/2/2024 (Fri)



No. of session:

2 sessions




Radio drama creation workshop (for students)


Through the workshops, students can learn about the production process and pronunciation skills for radio dramas.  Besides, puppeteers and lion dance performers will be invited to participate in the workshops, to introduce these two traditional performing arts to students and to share their performance experience.  Through the sharing, students can integrate their learning and experience into the upcoming radio drama recording. 


Date and Time:

24/2/2024 (Sat) 10:30am / 2pm or


25/2/2024 (Sun) 10:30am

No. of session:

1 session


4. Co-creation of Arts On Air Radio Drama

After the inspiration and training from a series of workshops, the arts group will lead teachers and students of the workshops to create and produce the 3 sequels to the 3 original radio dramas.  The radio dramas produced will be uploaded to "Art Connect: Arts and Culture Platform for Hong Kong Schools" for the appreciation of all primary schools in Hong Kong.

Fong Fong Projet d’Art

Artistic Director: Ms Lily POON

Fong Fong Projet d' Art was founded by Lily in 2006 to provide children theatre productions and a variety of school theatrical education programmes. Recent productions, including Hong Kong Is Our Eco HomeThe Spacean OdysseyChickens' Eggsecutive Order and Our Little Tram: DingDing in the 'Hong Kong International Arts Carnival', were well received by schools and audiences.


Fong Fong Projet d'Art


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Leisure and Cultural Services Department



2591 1711



The presenter reserves the right to change the programme should unavoidable circumstances make it necessary.