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Mindfulness Immersive Experience Hua-yen Buddhaverse by Zuni Icosahedron

 Event Schedule


Event Schedule

PAJ03 | Mindfulness Immersive Experience Hua-yen Buddhaverse by Zuni Icosahedron (Completed)parent

Mindfulness and Life Education

Abrupt social, economic, and political changes have brought great challenges to parents and teachers.  The stress faced by adults is reflected in sensitive children.  Meanwhile, at school, children also have to deal with studies and exams and the emotional distress they face is often unavoidable and beyond words.  With this in mind, Zuni has curated special sessions of Hua-yen Buddhaverse for parents and children.  During the performance, the audience will participate in a set of guided Mindfulness Through Movement exercises, starting with breathing, focusing on one's own awareness and bodily sensations, turning on the power of imagination and learning ability through mindfulness, and opening up a gateway for mind-body connection in young people.  Through Hua-yen narrative-singing, one comes to experience distinctive realms.  The performance is based on the book Cultivating the Mind of Love by Thich Nhat Hanh, a famous global spiritual leader, Zen Buddhist monk, and peace activist who transformed the mysterious world of Hua-yen into words of simplicity and beauty, making it an excellent text for Life Education.  The text introduces to young audiences the concepts of Mind and the Universe; the insights of Interbeing; and One is All, All is One, etc.  With fresh awareness through mindfulness, happiness can be found here and now.

The Performance's Original Text by Venerable Thich Nhat Hanh Extracted from The Book Cultivating the Mind of Love, Parallax Press, 2004

Text: Thích Nht Hnh
Creative Consultant: Sik Tsang-chit
Director, Arts Tech Installation Design: Mathias Woo
Music Directors: Yu Yat-yiu, Cedric Chan
Naamyam Composition: TroVessional

The programme is offered by the arts group in support of the "New to the Theatre: School Culture Day Scheme 2022/23".

14.10.2022 (Fri)
Studio Theatre, Hong Kong Cultural Centre
3:00pm - 4:10pm
P.3 - S.3 students
1 hour 10 minutes
Capacity per performance


Conducted in Cantonese