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"Be a Junior Archaeologist" Workshop

 Event Schedule


Event Schedule

M05d | "Be a Junior Archaeologist" Workshop (Completed)

Archaeology is the study of the past of mankind by researching the artefacts and archaeological features unearthed from the excavations of archeological sites.  Many people may be impressed by the process of archaeological excavation and the moment that artefacts are being unearthed, but they are just part of archeology.  In this workshop, our tutor will introduce the archaeological work in Hong Kong and the basics of field archaeology.  Students will then take part in a mock excavation and share the fun of archaeology in the Archaeological Activity Room of Hong Kong Heritage Discovery Centre.

26.9 | 10.10 | 17.10 | 24.10 | 7.11 | 14.11 | 28.11.2022 (Mon)
6.3 | 27.3 | 24.4 | 15.5 | 22.5 | 29.5 | 5.6 | 26.6 | 3.7.2023 (Mon)
Activity Room and Archaeological Activity Room, Hong Kong Heritage Discovery Centre
10:30am - 12:00nn
P.4 - S.3 students
1 hour 30 minutes
Capacity per performance


Conducted in Cantonese


Participants should wear light clothing (it is best to wear trousers), and must wear socks in order to change into boots provided.