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That’s the Fun of Chinese Music! by Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra

 Event Schedule


Event Schedule

PAM01 | That’s the Fun of Chinese Music! by Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra (Completed)

In this performance, the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra will introduce students to the interesting and diverse world of Chinese music under four themes: film, Cantonese music, jazz and pop music, and 100 Chinese Music Classics Select.  The concert begins with Prelude of Dagger Society scored for the film Kung Fu Hustle.  Then through all-time favourites such as Cantonese Tunes Medley and Suite from Miyazaki Hayao's Animation Pictures, the charm of Chinese music continues to unfold.  The programme includes Hong Kong - The City That Never Sleeps, The Herbalist's Cabinet and other hits to give students the wonderful sounds of a full-scale Chinese orchestra.  In a bid to enhance young audience’s understanding and interest in Chinese music, they will be given LED fingerlights, when the Orchestra performs Laputa: Castle in the Sky and the jazz piece, Sing Sing Sing, they can turn the fingerlights on and transform the auditorium into a dazzling, starlit sky.

Acclaimed as "a cultural ambassador of Hong Kong", the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra’s award-winning track record in the arts, governance and administration, arts education, and marketing has placed it in a leading position among full-sized Chinese music ensembles in the international arena today.  The Eco-Huqin series which the Orchestra developed has won awards presented by various institutions for its eco-conscious and innovative concepts.

The programme is offered by the arts group in support of the "New to the Theatre: School Culture Day Scheme 2022/23".

11.10.2022 (Tue)
12.10.2022 (Wed)
13.10.2022 (Thu)
Auditorium, Tuen Mun Town Hall
3:00pm - 4:05pm
P.1 - S.3 students
1 hour 5 minutes
Capacity per performance
1 028


Conducted in Cantonese