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Cantonese Opera Excerpts by Hong Kong Performing Stage of Cantonese Opera

 Event Schedule


Event Schedule

PAC02 | Cantonese Opera Excerpts by Hong Kong Performing Stage of Cantonese Opera (Completed)parent

Hong Kong Performing Stage of Cantonese Opera is the Venue Partner of the Yuen Long Theatre.  The Company is dedicated to advocate and promote Cantonese opera culture.  By converging enthusiasts of Cantonese opera delving into this art form, it aims at bringing a splendid array of Cantonese opera productions to the audience members.

The programme is specially designed for primary and junior secondary students.  The programme will cover a brief introduction to the origins and development of Cantonese opera, the artistic characteristics of Cantonese opera like “singing, acting, speech delivery and acrobatics” and the abstract and formulaic performance style etc.  Props, costumes and makeup of Cantonese opera will also be showcased.  With the provision of guided appreciations, demonstration performances as well as interactive activities, the programme aims at inspiring students’ interest and enhancing their knowledge in appreciating Cantonese opera.  A
udio description services will be provided if required, to allow the visually impaired students to experience the arts of Cantonese opera and enrich their knowledge on the traditional Chinese culture.

The programme is offered by the arts group in support of "School Culture Day Scheme 2022/23".

24.10.2022 (Mon)
25.10.2022 (Tue)
Auditorium, Yuen Long Theatre
2:30pm - 4:00pm
P.1 - P.6 students (24.10.2022)
S.1 - S.3 students (25.10.2022)
1 hour 30 minutes
Capacity per performance


Conducted in Cantonese


 If audio description service is required, please indicate on the application form for arrangement.