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Films 4Students : The Happiness of Living Together 

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Event Schedule

M03e | Films 4Students : The Happiness of Living Together 

Films 4Students
Film is not only a kind of entertainment but also a form of art.  The Hong Kong Film Archive introduces ten films particularly to students, including inspiring local animations, feature films reflecting the society, and movies adapted from literary classics that echo secondary school curriculum; complemented with post-screening talk, students will get to know more about the unique contribution of film to history and culture.

Zhu Shilin
Scriptwriter: Wen Bai
Cast: Han Fei, Lee Ching, Ella Kiang
Production: Dragon-Horse (Loon-Ma) 
1952 / Comedy / Black & White / Cantonese (Dubbed)* / 93 minutes

(followed by a post-screening talk and teaching materials will be provided)

As Hong Kong property prices skyrocket in recent years, those who can’t afford their own homes are forced to live in subdivided flats.  Limited living space has actually been a serious problem in Hong Kong for more than half a century.  In the 1950s and 60s, it was very common to see one flat divided into multiple rooms.  With so many people living in such tight spaces, conflicts are unavoidable.  Separated by only a board, typist Youqing (Han-fei) and teacher Qiang (Li Qing) fight like oil and water.  However, with the help of the flat’s new lady tenant (Kwong Wa), the two men eventually settle their differences and learn to be good neighbours.

13.10.2022 (Thu)
Cinema, Hong Kong Film Archive
2:30pm - 4:15pm
S.1 - S.6 students
Ticket price
$11 (Students, Teachers, Parents)
1 hour 45 minutes
Capacity per performance
90 (Minimum no. of participants per school is 40. A minimum charge of admission fee for 40 participants will be applied in the event of less than 40 participants. )


Post-screening talk will be conducted in Cantonese


The film was produced in Mandarin, but the copy held by HKFA is in Cantonese.