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Discovering the Hong Kong Film Archive

 Event Schedule


Event Schedule

M03a | Discovering the Hong Kong Film Archive (Completed)parent

Activities include:

A: Tour of HKFA’s permanent exhibition “In Memory of Queen’s Theatre” and the following thematic exhibitions:

1. More Brilliance, Still Different - The D & B Story Redux

More brilliance is on the way!  The Hong Kong Film Archive is presenting a sequel to the 2020 exhibition “A Different Brilliance - The D & B Story”.  While Part I of the exhibition presents the timeline of the company’s development complemented with displays of artefacts, Part II will shine the spotlight on the people, the D & B personnel on both sides of the camera.  The company espoused the philosophy of creativity-first and "walking on two legs" production strategy, making films with box-office promise on one leg, undertaking more challenging ventures on the other.  Addressing various social issues which in turn drew public attention onto those otherwise neglected issues, D & B’s penchant for innovative approaches resulted in an impressive number of lasting works, such as Yes, Madam! (1985), The Lunatics (1986), Love unto Wastes (1986), Wonder Women (1987) and An Autumn's Tale (1987).  The exhibition features video interviews with key D & B personnel, complemented by corresponding film clips which demonstrate the unique modes of the company’s operation.  The exhibition also employs immersive art technology to give visitors a rare opportunity to have a personal experience with the magic of D & B.  

2. Tango Between Images – HK Films & Comics  

Comics are like delicately-made storyboards of film and therefore have every ideal condition to be adapted to film.  From Mr. Wang by Ye Qianyu in the 30s and Old Master Q by Wong Chak in the 60s , to Feel 100% by Lau Wan-kit in the 90s and the Mcdull series of the new millennium, all of these Hong Kong comics illustrate the complex and intense relationship between films and comics over the time.  You are now cordially invited to join our trip to walk through the avenue of comic films, where you can learn more about the drawing style of comics, special effects of films and inspiring stories of the comic and film industries.  Students can also take photos with their favourite characters, play our interactive game and produce comic films of their own.

B: Screening of film conservation video followed by demonstration of the daily repair and restoration works of film technicians.

16.9 | 23.9 | 7.10 | 14.10.2022 (Fri)  (A Different Brilliance – The D & B Story II)
6.3 | 13.3 | 20.3 | 27.3.2023 (Mon)  (Tango Between Images – HK Films & Comics)
Cinema, Hong Kong Film Archive
2:30pm - 4:00pm
S.1 - S.6 students
1 hour 30 minutes
Capacity per performance
35 (Maximum no. of participants may be adjusted according to the special circumstance.) 


Conducted in Cantonese