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Children’s Picture Book Musical Miu Miu’s Secret Planet by Producer Works Theater

 Event Schedule


Event Schedule

PAT02 | Children’s Picture Book Musical Miu Miu’s Secret Planet by Producer Works Theater (Completed)parent

Some said parents and children are from different planets, they just come across each other and build their relationship together.  Children perceive the world from a perspective different from adults.  If their way of seeing things is belittled by restrictive parents, they will lose the innate ability to explore when parents limit the world to only a single perspective.  Parent-child relationship is actually about understanding each other and building a sense of togetherness with love and care even though they may not be used to getting along with each other, much the same as the relationship between two strangers from different planets.

Producer Works Theater produces works for the theatre.  Believing that every piece of work it creates is the fruit of teamwork, and details determine its depth and quality, the group involves its members as producers.  Together, they work as one to strive for excellence.  Through various performing art forms, it creates works and activities on different themes to share its visions and ideas on stage performances with the audience, and strives to balance the artistry and marketability of its works.  The non-profit group enables communities at different levels to experience the joy and inspiration for greater fulfilment in the journey of life.

23.11.2022 (Wed)
24.11.2022 (Thu)
25.11.2022 (Fri)
Theatre, Ngau Chi Wan Civic Centre
10:30am - 11:45am (24-25.11.2022)
2:30pm - 3:45pm (23-25.11.2022)
P.1 - P.6 students
1 hour 15 minutes
Capacity per performance


Conducted in Cantonese


The 10:30am session on 25.11.2022 is scheduled as an accessible performance with audio description service.  Special schools will have participation priority.