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When Puppets Meet Music

 Event Schedule


Event Schedule

When Puppets Meet Music (Completed)

Hong Kong Puppet and Shadow Art Center

Activities Content

Touring Performance (Completed)
(All activities conducted in Cantonese)

Project period: May-November 2022

Production Team

Producer: Wong Fai
Music Director/Composer: Hippocrates Cheng

Details of the Activities

Please refer to the website of Hong Kong Puppet and Shadow Art Center 

About the Group

Founded in 2001, Hong Kong Puppet and Shadow Art Center is dedicated to the continuous promotion and development of traditional puppetry art form.  It has established a distinctive artistic style by introducing innovative perspectives while preserving the tradition.  Focusing on puppet and shadow manipulation in particular, the Group gives nuanced performances and creates lifelike characters onstage.  Apart from appearing in film, television and advertisement productions, it actively promotes the traditional art form by collaborating with primary and secondary schools as well as universities in organising interest classes and forming performance teams.  The Group not only stages performances at shopping malls, schools and theme parks locally, but also tours its productions and exhibitions to different parts of the world.

About the Programme

Hong Kong Puppet and Shadow Art Center and young local composer Hippocrates Cheng co-created the touring performance for this programme.  The Group joins hands with music ensemble ‘Sync 5’ to perform the traditional puppetry play, with original compositions played by Chinese and Western instruments, showcasing the artistic skills of traditional Chinese puppetry. 


Programme Enquiries:

6333 6213 / 9217 1635 (Ms Wong / Mr Wong)





The presenter reserves the right to substitute performers, speakers, and change the programme should unavoidable circumstances make it necessary