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New Vision Arts Festival 2021: Moving a memory 

 Event Schedule


Event Schedule

PAD07 | New Vision Arts Festival 2021: Moving a memory  (Completed)

Gymnasiums involve scheduled exercises and body movements that activate a wide range of emotions―a space charged with fear, joy and potential freedom.

Moving a memory, a Hong Kong−Danish co-production, is a performance plus exhibition created for gymnasiums and other physical learning spaces. Convoi Exceptionnel explores experiences and memories connected with these spaces where our bodies are trained, challenged and disciplined.

For New Vision the production will take place in a dance studio. Walk inside, sense your feet on the floor, and get yourself ready for encounters between the known and the unknown. A chance to explore the poetic and atmospheric imagery first crafted in a Nordic gymnasium which now unfolds in a dance studio in Hong Kong.


“In the Nordics, the gymnasium is a symbol of physical fitness and an architectural manifestation of public health. We challenged the space’s authority and gave it a poetic language. The studio at Kwai Tsing Theatre allows us to unearth yet a new dimension in Moving a memory that the gymnasium cannot offer…”

─Stage director Jon R. Skulberg and dance artist Wayson Poon

18.11.2021 (Thu)
19.11.2021 (Fri)
Rehearsal Room, Kwai Tsing Theatre
3:00pm - 4:00pm
P.5 - S.3 students
1 hour
Capacity per performance
34(Admission capacity might be adjusted to comply with social distancing measures)


Audience members must take off their shoes and may be asked to sit on the floor. Please dress casually and wear socks.

Photo: Louise Herrche Serup