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The Transcendent Instrument Pipe Organ Education Concert (In Cantonese)

 Event Schedule


Event Schedule

PAM03 | The Transcendent Instrument Pipe Organ Education Concert (In Cantonese) (Completed)parent

The hand-made pipe organ, by Austrian manufacturer Rieger Orgelbau, is the most sparkling star in the magnificent Hong Kong Cultural Centre Concert Hall. With 4 manuals, 93 stops and 8 000 pipes, this “King of the Instruments” is one of the largest mechanically operated instruments of its kind in the Southeast Asia.

To expose students to this pipe organ’s powerful territory of sounds and tone colours, Hong Kong Cultural Centre has invited two outstanding local organists, Marsha Chow and Gary Tong, to host this education concert. They will illustrate the origin and development, the structure of Hong Kong Cultural Centre’s pipe organ with audio-visual displays as well as different musical styles and tonal families of pipe organ through live demonstrations. The hosts will also demonstrate the power and beauty of the magnificent pipe organ to enable students’ better appreciation of organ music and stimulate their interest in this “King of the Instruments”.

26.10.2021 (Tue)
27.10.2021 (Wed)
28.10.2021 (Thu)
Concert Hall, Hong Kong Cultural Centre
10:30am - 11:15am(26-28/10)
2:30pm - 3:15pm(26-27/10)
2:30pm - 3:30pm(28/10)
P.1 - P.6 students(all performance days, except 28/10 2:30pm)
S.1 - S.3 students(28/10 2:30pm)
45 minutes (P.1 - P.6 students)
1 hour (S.1 - S.3 students)
Capacity per performance
1 500(Maximum 150 participants per school per activity)