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Tour of the Universe (In Cantonese)

 Event Schedule


Event Schedule

M11 | Tour of the Universe (In Cantonese)(Some sessions cancelled) 

The programme comprises of two parts:

Part 1: Space Theatre Programme

Odd months: How does a starry sky look like?
Light pollution in Hong Kong is getting more serious and we can only see a handful of dim stars scattered in the night sky. But there are many magnificent stars obscured by the bright light in the city. In this session, we will re-create the beautiful starry sky with the star projection system in the Space Theatre. Students will learn about the commonly seen constellations as well as decoding the mysteries behind the starlight.   

Even months: Cosmix
We have to jump into the rocket and head to the space before exploring the vast universe. However, how does a space flight look like and how to prepare for it? How can we sleep in space, prepare a meal, or even use a cosmic toilet? In this session, students will learn about the challenges and interesting things of living in space through a short dome show and interactive quiz.

Part 2: Group Activities

Students will be divided into groups to visit the Hall of the Cosmos, Hall of Space Exploration, or enjoy interesting space science demonstration with our instructors. These activities will enhance students’ understanding of Astronomy and Space Science, helping them to get prepared for the tour to the universe!

 *Each session of the programme can cater 3 groups of students, with maximum 60 students in each group. The museum will contact the participating schools to arrange the activities at a later date.

15.10 | 12.11 | 17.12.2021 (Fri)
11.11 | 16.12.2021 (Thu)
20.1 | 24.2 | 24.3 | 28.4 | 19.5 | 23.6.2022 (Thu) ( 20/1 |  24/2 | 24/3 |  28/4/2022 Activities Cancelled)
21.1 | 25.2 | 25.3 | 29.4 | 20.5 | 24.6.2022 (Fri) ( 21/1 |  25/2 |  25/3 |  29/4/2022 Activities Cancelled)
Hong Kong Space Museum
10:00am - 12:00nn
P.1 - P.6 students
2 hours
Capacity per performance