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A Dialogue with Chinese Antiquities (In Cantonese)

 Event Schedule


Event Schedule

M01a | A Dialogue with Chinese Antiquities (In Cantonese) (Completed)

This programme consists of two sessions:

Session One: Guided Tour – T. T. Tsui Gallery of Chinese Art
This gallery exhibits Chinese cultural relics donated by Dr T. T. Tsui, featuring over 400 pieces dating from the Neolithic period up to the 20th century. Items include Chinese ceramics, pottery sculptures and bronzes. A visit to this exhibition not only provides students with an opportunity to appreciate the great artistic achievements of China, but also enhances their understanding of the country’s history and culture.

Session Two: Workshop – Stories Behind Exhibits
In the workshop, various exhibits will be selected from the T. T. Tsui Gallery of Chinese Art for close-up study with the students. Highlights will include the background of the pieces, their artistic values and techniques, and implied significance. Students will also be given a chance to make their own “artefact”.

21.10.2021 (Thu)
22.10.2021 (Fri)
Hong Kong Heritage Museum
2:30pm - 4:30pm
S.1 - S.6 students
2 hours
Capacity per performance
20 (The participants have to come from the same school)