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Focusing on performing arts, 2020/21 Arts on Air provides original radio dramas based on dance dramas, which primary students are familiar with, as additional teaching materials for teachers in schools. Fong Fong Projet d’Art also organises a variety of participatory activities, offering opportunities for teachers and students to get in touch with artistic creation and to enhance their skills by practicing what they have learnt. The Project will further achieve its aim of promoting performing arts in schools with lots of fun in artistic creation.

The project includes:


A new series of Arts on Air Radio Drama consisting of 3 episodes which are inspired by dance dramas which students are familiar with, coupled with guided appreciation materials and extension activities;


A variety of workshops for students, teachers and parents;


Co-creation of 3 episodes of Arts on Air Radio Drama containing elements of performing arts by students, teachers and the arts group; and


Provision of all episodes of Arts on Air Radio Drama with teaching support for participating schools and teachers on the on-line interactive platform.

The programmes are free for all primary schools to join!

2020/21 Programme Schedule

Sept •  Provision of new Arts On Air Radio Drama @ On-line Interactive Platform
•  Introductory Talk
Oct •  Audition
Nov •  Radio drama creation & production workshop (for teachers)


Jan •  Speaking workshop (for students)
•  Family animation workshop (for parents and students)
•  Sound effect workshop (for teachers and students)
Mar - Apr •  Co-creation of Arts On Air Radio Drama




Programme Activities

1. Arts On Air Radio Drama

3 original episodes of Arts On Air Radio Drama with a theme on dance dramas will be launched in September. Teachers can freely access the radio drama episodes, guided appreciation materials and extension activities on the online interactive platform. They can also share their experiences in arts teaching with the arts group and other teachers there.

Online Registration for a login account to Arts On Air e-platform

Arts On Air On-line Interactive Platform


2. Introductory Talk (Completed)

Fong Fong Projet d’Art will introduce the Arts On Air Project, use of radio drama and teaching kits on the e-platform, details of programme activities and means of enrollment in the introductory talk. The arts group will also share with teachers their experience in designing arts projects for students through interesting group activities.

Date Time Venue Quota
23.9.2020 (Wed) 5:30 - 7pm Function Room,
Hong Kong Cultural Centre

3. Audition (Completed)

Teachers are invited together with their P.1 to P.4 students to participate in the Audition. Selected students and teachers will work hand-in-hand with Fong Fong Projet d’Art to create radio dramas after several workshops. Interested students can form groups of 2 to 4 and record an Arts On Air Radio Drama script rewritten by the arts group. Their schools can then submit the online application form and the voice file accordingly. About 30 groups will be chosen to participate in the workshops and creation and production of radio dramas. Selected groups will be informed by Fong Fong Projet d’Art in late October.

Deadline of application: 22 Oct 2020

Arts On Air Radio Drama scripts


4. Workshops (Completed)

Different experimental and practical workshops will be organised by Fong Fong Projet d’Art for teachers, students and parents in various themes, including creation of radio drama, sound aesthetics, production of sound effects as well as listening and communication, allowing participants to engage in different aspects of artistic creation. All workshops will be conducted in a professional recording studio.The teacher-and-student groups selected from the Audition will be invited to join the workshops.


Radio drama creation & production workshop (for teachers)


Participants are able to learn basic scriptwriting skills, as well as procedures and knowledge of radio drama production. Professional tutors will guide teachers to write scripts which are to be used in Arts On Air Radio Drama.



27/11 & 4/12/2020, 15/1 & 22/1/2021


5:30 – 7:30pm

No. of session:

Totally 4 sessions (per person)




Speaking workshop (for students)


How to speak in a nice voice? How to pronounce words clearly? How to make the best use of my voice?
Students will learn the techniques of pronunciation, speed, intonation, expression of feelings and acting in recording a radio drama while playing games. They can also learn how to show emotions and act different roles with their voices.





(Class A) 11am – 12:30pm
(Class B) 2:30 – 4pm

No. of session:

Totally 1 session (per person)




Family animation workshop (for parents and students)


To encourage parents to support students in arts activities and foster the parent-child bond, participating students and parents will be guided to record a sound animation by professional instructors in the workshop.





2:30 – 4pm

No. of session:

Totally 1 session (per person)




Sound effect workshop (for teachers and students)


Teachers and students will be invited to join the workshop in groups. Tutors of Fong Fong Projet d’Art will introduce the basic concepts, principles and flow of sound effects production while professional sound effects tutor will demonstrate the production of different types of sound effects. Participants will join in the creation and production of sound effects for a video.



23/1 & 30/1/2021


2:30 – 4:30pm

No. of session:

Totally 2 sessions (per person)


5. Co-creation of Arts On Air Radio Drama

After a series of training workshops, teachers and students will work with Fong Fong Projet d’Art to co-create 3 radio dramas which contain elements of performing arts. The finished radio drama episodes will be uploaded and shared on the interactive e-platform.

Students can try out what they have learnt in scriptwriting, voice recording, design and production of sound effects as well as post-production works. Their experience in artistic creation can be enriched while immersing themselves in the fun of creation. Teachers can also obtain the techniques and experience in organising performing arts activities to help promote performing arts in campus.

Fong Fong Projet d’Art

Artistic Director: Ms Lily POON
Fong Fong Projet d’Art was founded by Lily in 2006 to provide children theatre productions and a variety of school theatrical education programmes. Recent productions, including Hong Kong Is Our Eco Home, The Spacean Odyssey and Chickens’ Eggsecutive Order in the ‘Hong Kong International Arts Carnival’, were well received by schools and audiences.

Message from Ms Lily Poon, curator of Arts On Air and Artistic Director of Fong Fong Projet d’Art

Message from Ms Tse Yuet-mei, seasoned dubbing artist and producer


Fong Fong Projet d’Art
Tel: 6382 3597
Email: fongfongpda@gmail.com
Website: www.fongfongpda.com


Leisure and Cultural Services Department

Tel: 2591 1722

The presenter reserves the right to substitute mentors, speakers and performers and change the programme should unavoidable circumstances make it necessary.

Programme content does not represent the views of the Leisure and Cultural Services Department.