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"Tango Between Images—Hong Kong Films & Comics" Live Streaming Seminar

 Event Schedule


Event Schedule

M03r | "Tango Between Images—Hong Kong Films & Comics" Live Streaming Seminar (Completed)parent

Since the 1930s, comics have served as a source of inspiration for Hong Kong films. Stemming from local cultures and drawing influences from foreign trends, comic-inspired films have been an integral part of Hong Kong’s popular culture. Characters like Old Master Q, Striding Cloud and McDull are loved by generations of comic readers and moviegoers in Hong Kong. Complementing the exhibition 'Tango Between Images—Hong Kong Films & Comics' from 24 February to 8 October 2023 at the Hong Kong Film Archive, this live streaming seminar titled 'When Comics Meet Cinema—The Stormriders and Hong Kong's Comics-Inspired Films' will provide insight into the comic-inspired films that have shaped the pop culture.


2.7.2023 (Sun)


In participating schools (live steaming)


Arranged by museum and participating schools 


P.4 - S.6 Students


2 hours


Conducted in Cantonese


If schools are unable to conduct the activity during the live streaming, a recording of the seminar will be made available to schools via weblink.