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Into the Mystery of Films - Secrets Unraveled by Conservators and Curators

 Event Schedule


Event Schedule

M03n | Into the Mystery of Films - Secrets Unraveled by Conservators and Curators (Completed)parent

Film is an art of entertainment and a cultural carrier.  Therefore, the preservation of films is an integral part of history and heritage.  With technological advancement, we can now save digital files on a computer with just a few clicks.  However, the preservation of historical information demands much effort.  Methods of preservation and conservation have to be carefully adopted according to the material and format of the historical items.  Members of the Archive’s Conservation team will arrive at school in person and offer insights into the principles of image creation as well as conservation technology, giving students a chance to handle celluloid films.  Programme curator will share interesting stories of the film industry by playing short videos, enhancing students' interest in Hong Kong local films.


Sep 2022 – Jul 2023 (Monday - Friday, except public holidays)


In participating schools


Between 9:30am to 4:00pm


S.1 - S.6 Students


1 hour

Capacity per activity 

200 (Minimum no. of participants per school is 100.  Maximum number of participants may be adjusted according to the special circumstances.)


Conducted in Cantonese


For interested schools, please provide the possible date and time in the application form.