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Drums in Move Drumming in Practice Project

 Event Schedule


Event Schedule

Drums in Move Drumming in Practice Project(Completed)

Hong Kong International Drummer Festival

Trailer of the project

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Highlights and Objectives

  • A school-year-long educational project on drumming
  • Suitable for students of primary and secondary schools with different music-learning experience
  • Encourage students to appreciate the unique features of drum line and drumset regarding their culture, history and unique technique.
  • Emphasis not only musical abilities but also team spirit, discipline and physical training, nurture the spirit of collaboration.
  • Project includes in-school drumming demonstration, training workshops and finale performance.
  • The Hong Kong International Drummer Festival will choose the suitable kind of training for each participating school (Drumset + Drumline or Drumline).


The project aims to plant the seed of “Drumset x Drumline” culture among the students. Drumming is an art that emphasizes not only musical abilities but also team spirit, discipline and physical training. Under the concept from Drumline, students will use practice pads for training. Workshop instructors will teach students how to modify their own instrument gear. Music samples of the U.S. drumming group Bring Your Own Style (BYOS) will be adopted for practice.

This project covers four aspects:
“Hands-on Experience”

Through learning drumming techniques systematically, exchanges with professionals who work as drummers in Hong Kong and perform on stage, students are able to explore beyond the academic sphere and become more confident. They may find opportunities to develop their potential, and learn more about how to develop a professional career as musicians. The instructors teach students not only drumming techniques, but also introduce them to terminology and the historical background of drumming, which help broaden their knowledge and deepen their understanding of drumming culture.

“Body Movement”
Apart from the music and rhythm training, part of the workshops will be led by a choreographer who guides students to use body gesture, movement to create a unique performance style on stage.

“Team Building”
The training on drumming techniques is a solid base for playing as a team. Students will be taught ways to present oneself, yet presenting each other at the same time, and how to be confident, humble and harmonized in a group performance.

“Achievements Sharing”
Students will participate in the "Learning Achievements Show Time!" finale performance at LCSD venue to share their learning outcomes with the public.


  • The project will run for 11 months, from September 2020 to July 2021, and will be implemented in three phases:

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Phase 1:

In-school Lecture Demonstrations

September 2020

To arouse students’ interest in music and the project, an in-school drumming demonstration, to be performed by professional drummers, will be arranged for each participating school. Students will be introduced to different genres of music in drumming and be invited to participate in live rhythmic games.

Phase 2:

Training Workshop (25 sessions) &

Final rehearsal (5 sessions)

September 2020 – June / July 2021

Based on the school facilities and response among students, the arts group will make assessment and choose the best training between the following options for the school on mutual agreement:


A drums band usually involves various percussion instruments, and training is usually designed to match the patterns in marching and matrixes. The drum’s band in the Drums in Move project, however, is focused on drums. It uses light-weight drum pads and complemented with technique training on drum stick tricks and movement of the body.

Drumline + Drumset

The training include a drumline and a drumset. One student from the group will be auditioned to play the role of drumset in the team. Any school that is interested in this kind of training must have at least one drumset available at school.

Phase 3:

Finale Performance

June / July 2021

Students will participate in the "Learning Achievements Show Time!" finale performance at LCSD venue to share their learning outcomes with the public. To further expose to some top drummers from all over the world and appreciate their performances, individual participating students might be selected by the arts group to perform in the concert of the Hong Kong International Drummer Festival 2021*. Details to be announced by the arts group in due course.

Project Details
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Primary SchoolsSecondary Schools
No. of Participating Schools4 Primary Schools3 Secondary Schools
Target StudentsPrimary 3 to 5Secondary 1 to 3
Required ExperienceNo experience is required (a sense of rhythm is preferred) ☆
No. of Participants20 students/school
Course Schedule1 session / week, 1.5hrs / session
No. of Workshops **25 sessions
Rehearsal5 sessions (in Campus or at Performing Venue)
Fee Payable#^$500/student


Participating school should prepare their own tablets with apps and portable speakers for the workshop and finale performance cum exhibition. Schools may contact the art group for detailed information and specifications.


Each student participating in the finale performance cum exhibition is required to pay $80 as costume fee.


Fees are at a per head basis. All fees paid are non-refundable.

Application Guideline
Or Download Application Form (Chinese Version only)



Application & General: 2591 1717 (LCSD)
Project: 5541 0923 (Hong Kong International Drummer Festival)